Tuesday, September 18, 2012

what's in your hands

"hold too tightly to what's in your hands or in your chest
and the future it won't open / palm readers can't work fists"
-Dessa, Doomtree "Little Mercy"

Today I walked into hello hello bookstore in Rockland, Maine and spontaneously picked up a tarot deck (not something they usually have in stock, for the record, nor something I would have normally sought out).

Knowing what I know about tarot (basically nothing), I shuffled the deck, pulled a card, and read the notes in the tiny booklet provided. That was enough to convince me to draw two more. That was enough to convince me to buy the deck. That was enough to convince me that making a blog about it was probably a genius idea.

Beer: Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale
Weather: Rainy
Other: Baking bread

Three of Rods
Plans are made, but help is needed to see them realized. Organizing ability. Business skill. Talks or negotiations.

Four of Pentacles
A preoccupation with money precludes involvement in other areas. A miserly, materialistic person. A love of material wealth, status, and power. Inability to share.

XVII The Star
Hope. Spiritual illumination. Truth unveiled. Psychic or spiritual gifts. Good opportunity. Harmony. Good mental and physical health.

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